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Marketing Consultancy

GMS Professional Services has a thriving marketing consultancy division. Why? We like to think it is because we deliver real and highly measurable results, not just fluffy marketing straplines or pretty creatives (although we can do that too).

Our real USP is that we are real “do-ers” and not just strategists. Devising marketing strategy isn’t that difficult. Delivering the marketing strategy – in the form of enquiries, new customers and sales revenue – is the difficult part!

Acquisition and Retention

Our team know how to acquire new customers (ensuring income = expenditure or better) and also totally get the lifetime value and cross selling opportunities post acquisition.

B2C and B2B

You may market B2C or B2B – or sometimes both. Our team have deep experience of both

Traditional and Digital

We probably don’t need to tell you how much marketing has changed in the digital world. Digital channels such as websites, social media and online PR are key.

However, there is still a real opportunity to generate leads and revenue using traditional marketing, such as printed collateral and direct mail. People actually open letters nowadays as they receive so few!

Our consultants are old enough to know the traditional techniques such as print and exhibition stands but young enough to have fully embraced the digital world and the range of opportunities available in what is a fiercely competitive world.

We’re also VERY good at generating positive PR too, even if we do say so ourselves. Happy to share examples with you.

GMS believe we offer the best marketing consultancy available. Working with you, we can produce or modify a top level, to the point, strategy document and then work with you to execute that plan quickly, effectively and as cost effectively as possible.

Testing and sharing results with you along the way, using our tried and trusted measurement techniques that show exactly the ROI for any given marketing tool.