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Acquisition Support and Due Diligence

Buying a business is never easy. Some deals are easier than others, but never, ever easy.

Aside from the financial issues, and ensuring you are buying a good (or fixable) business, there is also the human and emotional elements of the selling owner(s) and taking on their staff.

If you buy a good business, its vital that you retain and motivate the good people that made the business worth buying in the first place.

Before founding GMS Professional Services, some of our team have acquired a number of businesses varying in different shapes and sizes and all with their own subtle nuances.

No one business is the same, and GMS are available to help you through the acquisition process – from offer, due diligence to acquisition date.

And beyond if you’d like support with integrating the acquisition into your business, what steps to take and how far to go initially without alienating key staff.

GMS has lots of experience from valuation, making the deal, payment terms through to due diligence and business integration.

Ultimately – of course – it is your decision but we think we can help you make better decisions throughout the process.